Government Relations & Public Policy

Effective state representation is about relationships and cultivating trust.

The Law Firm of Tom B. Kirkbride, P.C., Legislative team knows the key players under the dome, but more importantly, they know us.  Our Legislative team’s reputation is unparalleled and the team has longstanding relationships with former Governor’s, Lieutenant Governor’s, Speaker of the House, Comptroller, Agriculture Commissioner, the Insurance Commissioner, and key members of the Georgia House and Senate. Kirkbride Law knows the importance of maintaining current relationships and forming new ones to accomplish goals set by our clients. In short, this team knows state government and the people who make it work. Our experience and relationships protect and advance the interests of our clients in their business and policy endeavors.

Our Legacy

Principal Attorney Tom B. Kirkbride has been engaged in Georgia politics since the early 1990s, and his involvement has continued throughout the firm’s history, where he has been regularly involved in legislative initiatives. In addition to his longstanding record success, The Law Firm of Tom B. Kirkbride, P.C., provides unparalleled service to its clients is among the top growing law firms in this area. 

We stand ready to of represent businesses and associations, and have coordinated efforts with private consultants, representatives of government agencies, elected officials and staff as a method of achieving goals and objectives for clients. We are skilled at building statewide coalitions of stakeholders to achieve consensus and make progress on complicated issues. Furthermore, we have been public servants and active members of our community.

Our relationships with members of the legislative and executive branches of state government are both personal and professional, and we have a solid reputation for implementing winning strategies, as well as thoroughly understanding the intricacies of the legislative process, working with leaders of both major political parties, and finding solutions where others only see problems.

Call or email the Law Firm of Tom B. Kirkbride, P.C., if you have questions about government relations & public policy services for your organization or association.